September 08, 2008

Questions about climbing Kilimanjaro

Hi there.
My name is joseph and i just finished watching your kilimanjaro video. It's something i am planning to do next august/september and I am trying to find out as much about the climb as possible prior to doing it.
Altitude is going to be my weakness as I have never exposed myself to that height before and I was wanting to know whether you did any previous climbing at that height prior to the climb?

Nope. No hiking at that height. Although we do live in Colorado (where the elevation is a mile above sea level), and went for a few hikes in the mountains, up around 9,000/10,000 feet. The best preparation we did was to go to Washington D.C. for 12 days prior to our climb and be tourists. We talked about 5-7 miles/day in Washington D.C., and that made all the difference once we were on the mountain. (Other people we were climbing with were sore... we experienced very little of that in the first few days.)

Also, how much was the climb and which company did you do it through? would you recommend them?

Yes. We would definitely recommend them. It was a little more expensive than some of the other packages we could have gotten, but completely worth it. I think it cost $2600 each for 9 days in Africa (which included a 1 day safari, all of our accommodations before climbing and after coming off the mountain, and everything on the mountain). It did not include airfare, which was about $1800 each.

We went through Kevin Cherilla ( on the American side, who partnered with Simon Mtui in Tanzania and (name of company I don't remember).

Kevin's contact info is Kevin Cherilla 602.686.6146

Hope this is helpful for you!

August 15, 2006

Britten and Chris return from the mountain

Jonathan and Carrie,

We are home safe and sound (even with all the London Terror that held us up). Thanks for your info on the hiking poles. We found some that we rented and were very thankful for them (especially on the way down, my knees were killing me and we were sliding everywhere in the mud in the rainforest). We were sooo sore for a few days afterwards too! We did make it to the summit just at sunrise and it was absolutely breathtaking. We took about 600 photos and video too. Actually we took more photos but somehow managed to lose one of our digital cameras on the mountain :( We had pretty good weather although we did see rain, snow and hail. We both loved to see the clouds roll into camp! It all just seemed like a whole different world (besides the coca cola that was everywhere!) We took the Rongai route (known as the Coca Cola route) up and came down the Marangu route. Thanks again for all your help! We were very prepared and thankful for your packing tips!

Britten and Chris =)

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August 14, 2006

Kilimanjaro Climb Questions

Jonathan and Carrie - we leave in 3 weeks for Kilimanjaro! We are overwhelmed, and my crew has a few questions we'd like to ask of the experts from Colorado:

1) at night, in the tents, how cold did it get for you and Carrie? We're going a month or two after you did, so it may be warmer, but 'just how cold was it'? We have great sleeping bags for the cold, and plan to rent the mats when we get there.

2) I'm carrying water bottles, but my wife is taking a 'camelback' to sip the water from. Which would you recommend for the others?

3) Is it better to take big duffle bags for the porters to carry your stuff in, or use the ones they have there? Same for walking poles ....... ?

4) Was tipping your guides and porters an issue? I mean, did you just hand over cash to the guides at the end to distribute, or did you separate it out for them?

5) Do they have open fires at the campsites at night??

6) Of course we all plan to summit Uhuru peak - nothing less. You two made it. Any advice on that? (open ended question ....!)

7) What do you wish you had done differently (or not done) - in retrospect?

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July 31, 2006

Do we need hiking or trekking poles?

Jonathan and Carrie,

Thanks so much for answering the clothing question for us! I did think of another question of course. We read somewhere that there are usually hiking sticks for sale near the gate of the mountain. Did you find this to be true? Also, do you recommend hiking poles? We're packing our stuff and its really starting to hit us now! Thanks again for all of your advice! =)

Britten (and Chris)

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July 30, 2006

How to pack for Kilimanjaro and clothing to wear

Hi Jonathan and Carrie,

My name is Britten. I just came across your website and found it very helpful!

My boyfriend and I are leaving on Tuesday to Africa for a Mount Kilimanjaro climb. This is definitely the most extreme adventure either of us has ever taken. I have been researching and reading up on everything I can find to prepare us for the trip and I was really thankful to come across your site.

I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions and get any advice that the two of you have to offer. One of my main questions is how to pack for the weather changes as you advance up the mountain. I keep reading that we should pack light but I'm afraid we won't pack enough of what is really needed. Should we pack more light clothing to keep cool or heavy clothing to stay warm?

If you could answer this question it would be so helpful to us! So far that's the one thing I haven't been able to get answered. If there is anything else that you think would be helpful advice that would be much appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance for any information you can give us and Congrats on your engagement!

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July 25, 2006

Kilimanjaro Questions and Answers about the water

Jonathan -
I hope you don't mind if I occasionally ask you a question about your climb, we are climbing (my wife and 3 grown kids) in September. We're going up the Machame route - I think you did the same. Are there places to buy bottled water, at the bottom, along the way …… or do you have to get it from the guides / streams, and boil it and purify it? Do you then have to carry all 4 litres with you, each person, for the day?

Having recently done it - You are the expert of course - and I'm thrilled to know someone who we can ask a question to now and then (we're a bit nervous at this point). We just got our visas back from the Tanzania embassy yesterday - thank goodness.

Thanks Jonathan!

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