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May 31, 2006

Where is Kilimanjaro?

One of the questions we are asked most often is:


Americans aren't generally known for their knowledge of world geography, and to be honest, when we first decided to go, I had no idea where Kilimanjaro was either...so here you go.

Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania, Africa, which sits on the East side of Central Africa.


See, here's Tanzania.

Location of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in Africa

When you zoom in on Tanzania, you can see that Kilimanjaro is in the upper North East corner of Tanzania, on the border with Kenya.

Location of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Here's a little closer view of Kilimanjaro and the area we'll be flying into. Our 2nd/3rd day of our time in Africa will be spent in Arusha, which can be seen on the map here.

Arusha and Moshi next to Kilimanjaro

And then we begin our climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. We will be taking the Machame route, which is known as the intermediate and most scenic route up the mountain.

The Western Breach is currently closed, because of a rockslide there that injured and killed some people in January 2006 (one person killed was actually from Colorado).

Machame route up Kilimanjaro

Are we scared to climb Mount Kilimanjaro? No. Not really. Mostly just really darn excited! We know it will be a challenge, and we're prepared for that, but mostly we're just excited!

See! Here we are, in preparation with our official "Team Kilimanjaro2006.com" jerseys!

Carrie holding Kilimanjaro 2006 shirt   Jonathan holding Kilimanjaro 2006 shirt   Jonathan's Kilimanjaro 2006 shirt   Carrie ironing Kilimanjaro 2006 shirts

May 30, 2006

FOX 31 went great!

Hi Everyone!

Just a super-quick posting today...

Thank-you all for your support of us! The news show went awesome and we'll get a video of it up as soon as possible!

After the interview on Good Day Colorado, we went to Gart Sports and picked up a really good deal (sale) on a sleeping bag. We're borrowing one sleeping bag, so we bought one. For $20, we got a sleeping bag that is rated to 0 degrees, which is exactly what we need for Kilimanjaro!

More updates coming soon!

May 29, 2006

Kilimanjaro2006 on the TV news!

This morning, we got a call from David at the Denver FOX TV affiliate. We're going to be on the news tomorrow morning!

Needless to say, we're VERY excited!

If you're in Denver, and can break free from 8:00AM - 9:00 AM, we're going to be interviewed by Steve Kelley on Good Morning Colorado on FOX 31.

We'll try to get a copy of the interview to pass along to everyone as well, but if you can break free and record it on your TV, we'd love to have a VHS/DVD recording.

May 27, 2006

Tanzania Visas and our passports

Remember how I said earlier that we had to put our passports in the mail for our Tanzania visit? Well, we got our passports back, and discovered why we had to put our passports in the mail. Much like what the Auslaenderbehoerde did with our Passports in Germany, the government of Tanzania actually sticks the visa right onto one of the pages of the passport.

I'll be posting pictures here shortly, but it's exciting to have the passports back and know that we're official!

11 days until we're actually going! Amazing!

May 26, 2006

Items received - sleeping pads, thermal water and trekking poles

Items have been coming to the door (or through the door), like crazy! After a trip to the Denver REI, where we purchased a couple more Nalgene bottles, some caribiners for clipping stuff onto our backpacks, and our headlamps, we went across the street to a place called the WILDERNESS EXCHANGE, which, if you live in or around Denver (or Colorado really) and are doing outdoorsy kinds of things, is worth a visit.

Their selection isn't as good as an REI or EMS, but many of their prices were better on a variety of outdoors gear. I got a couple pairs of wool socks, and Carrie and I both got our trekking poles there, for $20/pair, which is, BY FAR, the cheapest we've found to purchase trekking poles.

Much of what we ordered has come to the door as well... Our sleeping pads are currently spending the night overfilled with air (per the instructions the sleeping pads came with), so that they can get stretched and prepped for when we actually use them on the mountain. I was kind of thinking that sleeping pads might not be necessary, and they're probably not, unless you're the kind of person who doesn't sleep well on rocky surfaces - A.K.A. Jonathan and Carrie (and most North Americans...and Europeans...)

Another item which showed up is our thermal water carrier for our Nalgene bottles. Since water freezes at higher elevations (and colder temperatures), it's good for us to have these to prevent our water from freezing.

More stuff coming in the mail soon - and we'll be including pictures shortly!

May 22, 2006

Kilimanjaro climbing gear - saving money

Some notes today on the gear we're getting/using for our climb.

First, the most important thing... SOCKS!

Carrie's allergic to wool, so we are getting these for liner socks from MooseJawOutpost. We LOVE Moosejaw!,
Wigwam Gobi Liner Socks

Wigwam Gobi Liner Socks
And, just in case you want to know, here's all the information about these socks...

1 x 1 stay-up true rib leg
Smooth looped toe seam
Crew length is proportional to size
100% Polypropylene (exclusive of Spandex)

We each got 8 pairs of these socks (at $5.00)/piece (w/o shipping), so our total for these socks is $80 (16 pairs).

Our sleeping pads are coming from Sierra Trading Post.
They seemed to have the cheapest prices on a good Thermarest sleeping pad (and we looked). So for both sleeping pads, our total (w/o shipping) is just under $65. Cheaper than our liner socks!
Here are the details on our sleeping pads...

thermarest sleeping pad
Cascade Designs Therm-A-Rest Sleeping Pad - Long

Therm-A-Rest lives up to its name with it's light and compact design. Ideal for backpacking, self-inflating polyester sleeping pad has durable and waterproof nylon bottom for a warm, comfortable barrier between you and the ground.
Size: 72x20x1-½"
Weight: 2 lbs. 4 oz.
Fabric: Polyester with nylon bottom

Outdoor and More
seems to have the best deals on Trekking Poles that we have found... these are the Masters 5.4 trekking Poles.

Since we climb at midnight, we'll also need headlamps.
They're also helpful for nighttime reading and just generally getting around at night.

For our headlamps, REI had the Petzl Tikka Headlamp on sale. We were really hoping for a crank or solar powered headlamp, but it's not to be just yet. The technology either isn't there, or we just didn't look hard enough. So these headlamps are powered by triple A batteries...

We'll go to Sam's Club to get the cheapest batteries we can.

For our long underwear, we are going through

We got the
Men's Thermal Underwear Top

Men's Thermal Underwear Bottom

Women's PolyPro Thermal Underwear Top

and the
Women's PolyPro Thermal Underwear Bottom

More gear updates will come I am VERY certain, but for now, this is the Kilimanjaro gear we're ordering.

May 19, 2006

Climbing Colorado trails and Colorado Mountains

Climbing Colorado trails - panorama of Colorado MountainsWe went climbing in the Colorado mountains today.  Well, maybe not the mountains exactly. 
Colorado yellow flowers - Climbing Colorado trails

More like the Colorado foothills.  What we discovered:  Even though going to the gym, and doing a bunch of working out at the gym (which we have been doing), is a good idea, it's probably a better idea, in preparation of a Kilimanjaro climb, to actually get into the outdoors, get on some real hills, and trudge your way up.

Not that it was even that challenging of a trail climb today, but even though Carrie has been breaking in her hiking boots, today she got blisters ("breaking in boots - a how to" will be saved for another post), and both of us were noticing the difference in breathing of being at 8500 feet above sea level, rather than at 6000 feet, where we live.

Jonathan shows muscles on trailBut we did have some time for being goofy - but look at those muscles!  Could be a good place for your company's logo once we're actually on our trip (in 19

We also had some time to get in some nature photography of foothills and mountains the Indian Hills area (for those who know where that is.

Colorado aspen trees - Climbing Colorado trails

Panorama - Colorado mountains - Climbing Colorado trails Carrie and I were realizing today that we really don't take enough advantage of where we live.  I don't think most people really do.  Panorama - Colorado mountains - Climbing Colorado trails 2 But it's a great habit to get into - finding places around you that are just waiting to be explored and experienced... and you generally don't even have to look that far, or spend much money, in order to find them.

We'd planned to do this anyway, but as a result of our experience today, we'll definitely be headed to Breckenridge next week, where my aunt and uncle have a Chalet that they're nice enough to let us use.  We'll use it as our launch point to climb some mountains that are more in the 12,000-13,000 range

Here are a few more of the pictures from our climbing/hiking today. Click on any of them for a larger version.

Carrie from tree - Climbing Colorado trails

Climbing Colorado trails - trees on path

Climbing Colorado trails - hiking boots



Colorado mountains - Climbing Colorado trails pictureTop of a Colorado mountains - Climbing Colorado trails Climbing Colorado - Carrie

Carrie on Colorado Indian Hills trail.  saying bye (or hi)
(Carrie says - see you again.  Come back soon!)

Climbing in Colorado Mountains and porters

Carrie and I are going climbing/hiking today in the Colorado mountains, but before we go climbing, I thought I would share a video with you.

It's a video of porters on Kilimanjaro. Someone else took this video, but it gives me a chance to explain a little about our travel up Kilimanjaro.

There are 17 people climbing with our group. Our foucs, and our job, while we are there, is to reach the summit. Part of the expense of our trip is having porters while we are on the mountain.

As a result of having porters, we won't need to worry about boiling our own water, carrying our tents/sleeping bags, cooking for ourselves, etc. because all of this will be taken care of by a group of porters and support staff, which, we've been told, numbers about 35, to support our group of 17.

I had intended to attempt some Swahili... but with 20 days left, I'm not sure that that will happen. I think I will still try though, because I would like to be able to converse with some our porters - in a minimal way, I realize - but people appreciate when you at least attempt to speak their language.

So, to give you an idea, here's a group of porters, at the end of a Kilimanjaro climb.

May 17, 2006

Pictures of monkeys and the trunk monkey video

So here's the gist of today's posting.

Monkeys:  Pictures of monkeys, talk about monkeys, and monkey business.  (Well, maybe not monkey business exactly...)

When we get back, we will have some great pictures we took, and hopefully, (as one of our sponsors has requested), we'll be able to get some "pictures of cute monkeys"). 

As we don't have any of our own monkey pictures YET, we're sharing THESE pictures of monkeys with you instead.

When it comes to the monkeys we're going to see in Africa, it's most likely that we'll see baboons and spider monkeys.  Apparently, baboons don't really mind at all having humans around, but spider monkeys are generally skittish.  We hope we'll see a full range, but we'll be happy to see any monkeys that see fit to grace us with their presence!

And for the people who don't think that baboons are monkeys...well, we can have the debate later.  (Actually, feel free to leave us your comments below.) But for now, here are some pictures of monkeys from all over.


pictures of monkeys - baboon and baby
Apparently this is a pretty rare picture of an olive baboon.
   pictures of monkeys - baboon monkey business
Quit acting like Baboons! 
Never mind.  You are baboons.
pictures of monkeys - baboon sitting
This guy says "What are you doing here?"
pictures of monkeys - baboon with long face
Hey, why the long face?
This is a beautiful picture of an amazing animal.

spider monkeys

spider monkey - pictures of monkeys spider monkey in tree - pictures of monkeys

vervet monkeys

It's possible that we'll see some vervets, which would be great!

vervets - pictures of vervet monkeys monkeys vervets - pictures of vervet monkeys

(The following is a random assortment of monkey pictures.)

Capuchin monkey - pictures of monkeys
This picture of a Capuchin monkey shows many Americans the monkey we generally think about having for a pet - popularized by shows like Friends.
picture of Tamarin monkey

This is a picture of a Tamarin monkey.  Tamarins are rather cute monkeys, don't you think?  (Oh, and stay tuned for cute monkey pictures.)

monkey and baby - pictures of monkeys
Don't mind me.  I'm just hanging around!
baby and monkey - pictures of monkeys 2
More pictures of baby monkeys.
monkey pictures - monkey in tree
"Look out below!  I'm a monkey, so I make up my own mind. I could decide to stop posing for this picture and let go at any time!"
Capuchin monkey - pictures of capuchin monkeys

Another picture of a Capuchin monkey.
Very cool angle and close-up!


frustrated monkey picture
This monkey looks a little frustrated, don't you think?
India monkey
Apparently, this is a picture of monkeys in India.
picture of monkeys - three monkeys on a branch
Three monkeys are on a branch, and one decides to leap.
How many monkeys are left?
Three.  Why?  One just decided.  He didn't actually do it yet.
monkey - pictures of monkey thinking
"Your picture can't bother me.
I'm deep in thought."
Here are just some cute monkey pictures for the "awww" factor.
pictures of monkeys - cute monkey 1 pictures of monkeys - cute monkey 2
(Special thanks to:  http://www.underwater.org/mermaid/tanzania/monkeys.html)
pictures of monkeys - cute monkey 3 pictures of monkeys - cute monkey 4

Oh, and if you've never seen a Trunk Monkey video, you should watch this: 

One of the now infamous Trunk Monkey videos

May 16, 2006

Giraffe video posting...

We had kind of gotten away from the simple video posting, that people have come to know and love, so here's a simple video of giraffes. We have been told we'll see tons of giraffes while on safari.

We're SO excited about seeing giraffes in the wild. Carrie and I have only ever seen them in the zoo!

Here's the giraffe video!

May 15, 2006

Taking and making the time

I went for a bike ride today. Not really because I wanted to go for a bike ride, but because as part of training for Kilimanjaro, I've been doing 5+ miles (in about 55 minutes) on the stairmaster at the gym, and I wanted something different for working out.

There are some of the most amazing paved trails near our house. I knew they were there, but I had no idea how cool it was.

And I was able to take DVD's that Carrie had checked out from the library, back to the library, which is a little over 4 miles away (on a bike).

The 8+ mile round trip bike ride made me realize/reaffirm a couple of things.

- Inspiration is often found in the most likely places, so making the time to go to those places is important.
On my ride, I was next to a river, saw a dead mouse that the ants were recycling, saw a fire station in the distance where Smokey the bear was instructing little kids (Saying, I'm sure, the famous "Only you can prevent Forest Fires, Kids."), and an amazing amount of wildlife. Each place would have been a great place to stop, write some poetry, draw a sketch, or simply sit and be. But my goal for the day was a bike ride, so I let that be my inspiration.

- Americans make working out a PART of life. Europeans (and many other parts of the world) make working out a WAY of life. This is a huge distinction. Yesterday, when crossing one of the two major streets necessary to get to the bike path, a car totally ignored that I had the right of way as a bike (I even had the little white "Walk" guy). But he, eating his french fries (seriously), turned the corner without stopping or looking. Why? It simply didn't occur to him that there COULD be someone riding a bike there, because NO ONE usually is!
In Europe, a car can be zooming along at 35 miles an hour, but if you're in the crosswalk, they will screech their tires (if necessary) to stop from hitting you. Why? Because the person driving was that person on the bike or walking just two days ago.

I would estimate that 50% of our health problems (and some of the environmental problems too) that we face as Americans could be lessened or resolved if those of us who lived within biking/walking distance of our grocery stores and the other places we visit, would simply put on a backpack and bike to the grocery store, walk to get the mail (there's a guy on our street at the end of the culdesac who gets in his truck to drive 300 feet to the mailbox - seemingly every day), and do the everyday activities most of us do that are generally within 5 miles or less of our homes. This little thing would seem to make very little difference on a daily basis, but compounded over a series of years, would make a HUGE difference.

Here's the interesting thing. I was going to go to the gym yesterday. In the car, it takes me 15 minutes to get there and back, with stoplights. I work out for 55 minutes and have a 10 minute cooldown or do abdominal workout. Total workout time (incluing travel time) is generally 1 hour and 25-30 minutes.

Today, I returned the DVD's to the library, got in 8+ miles on the bike, had an awesome afternoon outdoors, and got a litle more tan. Total time round trip: 1 hour and 25 minutes.

May 13, 2006

Pepto and Ginger - Things to take to Kilimanjaro

I have a bit of a queasy stomach today. Not sure what caused it, but it made me realize that I should take a couple of things with me to Kilimanjaro.

#1. Chewable Pepto-Bismol Tablets
#2. Ginger candy

I introduced Dee Ann (one of the travelers on our trip - who is organizing the Colorado contingency) to ginger candy about 2 years ago. She spit it out. But I really like it, and it calms my stomach (which I understand that queasy stomach can be a problem on the mountain), so I'll be heading to Whole Foods or Wild Oats or somwhere to get some before leaving, just in case I need it.

May 11, 2006

George W. Bush, John Kerry, and gas prices

This post isn't exactly Kilimanjaro related, except that we were prepping for our Kilimanjaro trip when this came up.

Carrie and I were watching an old tape of "Friends" from 2004.

We don't have an outside TV connection (just figure it to be primarily a waste of time), but Carrie is a very avid "Friends" watcher, so we were watching an episode before heading on our way out the door to train (after all, it is only 28 days to Kilimanjaro).

And... well, I just thought I'd make a video to show you one of the commercials we saw, and some research I did surrounding the commercial.

Thanks to the Simpsons and Wikipedia for thier help in providing material for the video!

This little video clip features George W. Bush, John Kerry, and gas prices.

Feel free to leave your comments below. Would love your feedback.

You can add this to your site with the text below...

Feel free to leave your comments, or pass this page along!

May 10, 2006

Two new Kilimanjaro sponsors and site traffic

Welcome to our two newest sponsors! Nobel Communications is a company offering awesome rates on calling cards and prepaid phone service! We welcome the opportunity to have them as sponsors on our trip!

Our other sponsor is none other than THE Hilda Smith! More about this woman will come in a future posting, but suffice it to say, she is an awesome woman, and we are honored to have her as a sponsor!

Check out the site traffic from the past few days on Kilimanjaro 2006!

900 visitors on May 8th, 300 visitors on May 9th. Let's stop there, and explain something... currently, there are 14 banners (from our 16 sponsors) running on Kilimanjaro2006. We're about to add something to the site that gives all of our sponsors some additional exposure, but for the current sponsors of our climb, this means that in the past two days, each of them have received an average of 85 impressions (14 sponsors / 1200 visitors to the site), just from those two days alone!

Mulitply this out by three years (at even 1/10th of that exposure level), and just the banner placement makes a sponsorship on this site a totally worthwhile investment.

So, keep an eye out for both Hilda's and Nobel's banners to show up in the banner rotation. Also, keep an eye out for our change which will increase the level of exposure for each of our sponsors!

Thanks for reading! More Kilimanjaro related news will follow - but wanted to share this with you today!

May 09, 2006

Tanzania Visas for Kilimanjaro

When going to Tanzania for a Kilimanjaro climb, you have to get a Visa which will allow you to enter the country as a tourist. The visa is good for three months.

So here are our Visa pictures. Neither of us like our picture, but who really likes Passport-style pictures anyway? I don't think I've ever met anyone who said, "Oh, I just love the picture on my driver's license!"


It's really kind of nerve-wracking to put our passports in the mail, especially this close to our travel. I know it's standard practice, but we sent them FedEx anyway, and sent a return FedEx label and return FedEx envelope so that we can be sure to get our passprts back in a timely manner, and can track their progress along the way.

Each Visa costs $50, and the FedEx packages cost $17 and $13.

Total = $130.

At some point after our trip concludes, I will post on here our total costs, so that you can see what it might take for you to get to Kilimanjaro too!

One thing to remember, you do have to get a tourist visa!

May 06, 2006

Kilimanjaro2006 ranked in top sites online?

Here's something that is very cool!
Kilimanjaro 2006 Alexa Traffic Details
Alexa is a web site that ranks traffic and trends online.  They have built an unparalleled database of information about web sites that includes statistics, related links and more. 

In the week of April 10th - April 17th, we were ranked in the top 100,000 sites on the Internet, ranking as high as 20,000.

Big deal, right?  Not that impressive, right?

Only to people who have never seen Alexa before.

The best way I can explain how cool this is, is to offer you a comparison.

Take a look at some of the companies we outranked or matched for performance.

Kilimanjaro2006 - Alexa Traffic

Kilimanjaro Alexa Traffic 3

Foleys.com (Recently merged - been in the news a lot)
Kilimanjaro Alexa Traffic 4

Kilimanjaro Alexa Traffic

Now admittedly, our graph drops off while these companies remain consistent.

But if we've gotten there once, and we know how to do it, we can definitely get there again.

These are all huge companies, all with huge advertising budgets.  Us, with a little web site, about our travel to Kilimanjaro, ranking in the top 100,000+ sites on the Internet!

And we haven't even left on our trip yet.

It's great to have marketing go according to plan. It's also great to know that we are offering significantly more than $100 worth of value for any company looking for additional exposure.

May 04, 2006

Climbing Kilimanjaro Equals Making Pizza?

From Denver to Kilimanjaro - there goes Bill.We live South of Denver, but I had a business function up North today at 120th and Federal, and it was a rather hazy day, but here's a shot of Denver.

There's Bill (one of our sponsors!)

Carrie and I love to make homemade pizza. Ingredients for Kilimanjaro pizzaMy mom has this ultra-secret recipe for pizza dough which is just awesome. Maybe if you ask nicely, I'll email it to you. (Actually it's not secret, and it's very simple, but I add a couple things to it which makes a great thing EVEN BETTER - so the secret's really mine - but ask and I may post the "secret recipe" here!)

So you may be asking, What does pizza have to do with climbing Kilimanjaro? Well, I'll admit it's perhaps a loose correlation, but follow me here.

When you make a pizza, you can make it with cheese and sauce. And it's a fine pizza!

But maybe you'd like a pizza that has a little more to it. That's how Carrie and I like our pizza - with lots of awesome ingredients and toppings. And it's how we're planning on climbing Kilimanjaro.

See, you can climb Kili with some simple gear. You can have a sleeping bag that's only rated to 10 degrees (instead of the recommended 20 degrees below), and you can have a hand-held flashlight (we start our summit on June 27th at midnight-so we'll need light) instead of the recommended head-lamps, and you can even climb (and get to the top) in less than adequate clothing.

But why? Why get the "Just cheese version" when for just a little more work and investment on the front-end, the trip can be so much more enjoyable?

There are a lot of people who live their lives by the philosophy which says that cheese pizza is good enough, or that they just like cheese pizza. And there's nothing wrong with that.

If someone else wants to go through life just eating cheese pizza, that's fine.

But I hope that we inspire some people with what we're doing! And I hope that people also understand that it's a lot of little steps that get us to where we want to go. That philosophy (of little steps-rather than instant success and riches) is one of the things taking us to the roof of Africa, and it is how we are planning our trip.

Is it challenging physically and financially? Definitely! And once we're on the mountain, will the mental challenge be large? Absolutely! But I can tell you, I would absolutely choose our pizza over the other choice EVERY TIME!

Kilimanjaro Climb - yicky pizzaWhy settle for the one on the left when for just a little more time and effort, you can have the one on the right?

Jim Rohn says that "being successful is not doing extraordinary things. It's doing ordinary things extraordinarily well."

I would say going to Kilimanjaro is an extraordinary thing. But I would also argue that we are able to go, because we do our best to do ordinary things to the best of our ability, and because we are surrounded by AMAZING people!

(This definitely includes our group of awesome sponsors as well!) Thank-you to everyone who has expressed their support and encouragement!

(And if you want the dough recipe, or have other thoughts about this post or our trip, or anything related, just add a comment below.)

May 03, 2006

Easter Eggs Climb Kilimanjaro

This post is a bit late, but here we go.

Easter's kind of a big deal with my family.

(Actually, most holidays are kind of a big deal with my family. It's a nice tradition!)

Carrie got introduced to our Easter traditions four years ago, which include some serious egg decorating! We don't just decorate. We pull out the old Crayolas (always a challenge to find), and we test our art skills on chicken Ovums!
(Is it Ovums or ovum? What's the plural version?)

Anyway, just as an example, last year, for the first time ever, Carrie introduced Sharpie Markers into the arsenal of egg decorating tools. She was able to create the members of Kiss (the band) and R2D2, all on eggs! This year, Carrie decided she would give an egg to every person, and give everyone their own bodies!

Kilimanjaro and the egg familySo, she made bodies for everyone (except herself).

My older brother and sister-in-law are with their dogs and are under construction on their new home, my younger brother is in his computer and his girlfriend there, my younger sister, my parents (in their dress clothes (they sing with the Colorado Symphony Chorus), and me in my pajamas (since I work from home, the standing comment is that I get to work in my pajamas... which I am blessed to often do.)

Jonathan in pajamas and Carrie on KilimanjaroI made a body (and a stand) for Carrie. You'll notice her stand is Mount Kilimanjaro, and her body is the logos of our sponsors. I'm no egg afficianado, but that looks pretty darn good!

Happy Easter! (Even though it was quite a while ago.)

May 02, 2006

Kilimanjaro 2006 - Search Engines and increased workout

Kilimanjaro2006.com has found its way into the search engines, which is great! It means we're starting to get some traffic to the site from people who are looking for sites like ours at the big name search engines.

#2 on MSN for Kilimanjaro preparation

#2 on Blogger for Tanzania

#1 on Google for Giraffe Mouth

So it's not a lot, and not highly trafficked keywords, but it's a start! And that's exciting, because it means that as we actually begin to optimize the site, can bring a lot of value to our sponsors, who will be seen by the thousands of people who will traverse their way through Kilimanjaro2006.com.


On an entirely different note, we have stepped up our workouts due to the fact that we leave in 37 days to climb Kilimanjaro. I have started to notice some changes.

For one, I don't feel like I'm going to die after about 20 minutes on level 9 (a middle level) on the Stairmaster. The thing (the Stairmaster) is actually starting to become my friend, which is kinda' cool to have some great changes.

When I first started training, I found that after a 25 minute stairmaster workout, my heart was beating pretty heavily (up around 170-175 Beats Per Minute (BPM)). However, after fairly regular workouts, here's what I did yesterday:

55 minutes on the stairmaster
climbed 231 floors, going 4.82 miles
144 Average Heart Rate
(this is a huge step and nice that my heart rate seems to be generally lower when working out)
602 calories burned

Carrie's bike tire went flat, and I want to get it fixed so that we can start riding our bikes to the gym and back, so I'm going to go get that done today.

Hope this post is helpful for those preparing and training for a climb up any mountain, but especially for those preparing for Mount Kilimanjaro!

May 01, 2006

How to get to Kilimanjaro and Tanzania traveling

Some people really enjoyed our "flyover" segments from our Kilimanjaro promotional video, and others have mentioned that they want to see our itinerary. So, we combined both itinerary and flyover into this one simple video!